Vaught Trucking Inc.


Equipment Capabilites

Our fleet includes late model tandem and tri-axle tractors. We have a variety of trailers ranging from flatbed, drop deck, low boy and pole trailers; RGN's and conventional and hydraulic controlled steerable dollies. Axles configurations of three to thirteen axle setups.

Clients served:

  • Steel fabricators
  • Pre-stressed/precast manufacturers
  • Highway contractors
  • Commercial building contractors
  • New and used machinery sales companies
  • Energy contractors
  • Importers and Exporters

Primary Products we transport:

  • Fabricated straight and curved steel members such as plate girders, haunch girders, wide flange beams, box and tub girders, truss panels, columns, beams, etc.
  • Pre-stressed concrete beams, I-beams, bulb tees, double tees, columns, beams, piles, etc. 
  • Construction equipment
  • Transformers 
  • Crane components


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